Sharia: Justice Contents Page

This Contents Page contains links to the posts of the Justice series, based on the classical manual on Sharia called Reliance of the Traveller.

Justice: Who Is Subject To Retaliation For Injurious Crimes
Justice: Intentionality In Injurious Crimes
Justice: Retaliation For Bodily Injury Or Death (Qisas)
Justice: Indemnity (Diya)
Justice: The Indemnity For A Purely Intentional Killing
Justice: The Indemnity For Death By Mistake In A Deliberate Injury
Justice: The Indemnity For A Death Caused By An Honest Mistake
Justice: Indemnities for Other Than Male Muslims
Justice: Which Extended Family Members Are Liable to Pay
Justice: The Indemnity For Bodily Injuries
Justice: The Expiation To Allah For Taking A Human Life
Justice: Fighting Those Who Rebel Against The Caliph
Justice: Warding Off Aggressors
Justice: Apostasy From Islam (Ridda)
Justice: Acts That Entail Leaving Islam
Justice: Non-Muslim Subjects Of The Islamic State (Ahl Al-Dhimma)
Justice: The Non-Muslim Poll Tax
Justice: The Penalty For Fornication Or Sodomy
Justice: The Penalty For Accusing A Person Of Adultery Without Proof
Justice: The Penalty For Theft
Justice: The Penalty For Highway Robbery
Justice: The Penalty For Drinking
Justice: Nonalcoholic Intoxicants
Justice: Disciplinary Action (Ta’zir)
Justice: Oaths (Yamin)
Justice: Examples Of Breaking And Not Breaking Oaths
Justice: The Expiation For A Broken Oath
Justice: The Judgeship
Justice: The Judge And The Court 1
Justice: The Judge And The Court 2
Justice: The Judge And The Court 3
Justice: Court Claims
Justice: The Obligatory Character Of The Caliphate
Justice: The Qualifications Of A Caliph
Justice: The Three Ways A Caliph May Be Invested With Office
Justice: The Obligatory Character Of Obedience To The Caliph
Justice: Delegating Authority To Those Under The Caliph