Sharia: Enormities Contents Page

p1.0 Enormities: Ascribing Associates To Allah Most High (Shirk)
p2.0 Enormities: Killing A Human Being
p3.0 Enormities: Sorcery
p4.0 Enormities: Not Performing The Prayer
p5.0 Enormities: Not Paying Zakat
p6.0 Enormities: Showing Disrespect to One’s Parents
p7.0 Enormities: Accepting Usurious Gain (Riba)
p8.0 Enormities: Wrongfully Consuming an Orphan’s Property
p9.0 Enormities: Lying About The Prophet
p10.0 Enormities: Breaking One’s Fast During Ramadan
p11.0 Enormities: Fleeing from Combat in Jihad
p12.0 Enormities: Fornication
p13.0 Enormities: The Leader Who Misleads, the Tyrant and Oppressor
p14.0 Enormities: Drinking
p15.0 Enormities: Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity, and Haughtiness
p16.0 Enormities: Bearing False Witness
p17.0 Enormities: Sodomy and Lesbianism
p18.0 Enormities: Charging A Woman Who Could Be Chaste With Adultery
p19.0 Enormities: Misappropriating Spoils Of War, Muslim Funds, Or Zakat
p20.0 Enormities: Taking People’s Property Through Falsehood
p21.0 Enormities: Theft
p22.0 Enormities: Highwaymen Who Menace The Road
p23.0 Enormities: The Engulfing Oath
p24.0 Enormities: The Inveterate Liar
p25.0 Enormities: Suicide
p26.0 Enormities: The Bad Judge
p27.0 Enormities: Permitting One’s Wife To Fornicate
p28.0 Enormities: Masculine Women And Effeminate Men
p29.0 Enormities: Marrying Solely To Return To The Previous Husband
p30.0 Enormities: Eating Unslaughtered Meat, Blood, Or Pork
p31.0 Enormities: Not Freeing Oneself Of All Traces Of Urine
p32.0 Enormities: Collecting Taxes
p33.0 Enormities: Showing Off In Good Works
p34.0 Enormities: Breach Of Faith
p35.0 Enormities: Learning Sacred Knowledge For The Sake Of This World, Or Concealing It
p36.0 Enormities: Reminding Recipients Of One’s Charity To Them
p37.0 Enormities: Disbelieving In Destiny (Qadr)
p38.0 Enormities: Listening To People’s Private Conversations
p39.0 Enormities: Cursing Others
p40.0 Enormities: Leaving One’s Leader
p41.0 Enormities: Believing In Fortune Tellers Or Astrologers
p42.0 Enormities: A Wife’s Rebelling Against Her Husband
p43.0 Enormities: Severing Ties Of Kinship
p44.0 Enormities: Making Pictures
p45.0 Enormities: The Talebearer Who Stirs Up Enmity Between People
p46.0 Enormities: Loudly Lamenting The Dead
p47.0 Enormities: Attacking Another’s Ancestry
p48.0 Enormities: Excesses Against Others
p49.0 Enormities: Armed Insurrection And Considering Muslims Unbelievers
p50.0 Enormities: Hurting Or Reviling Muslims
p51.0 Enormities: Harming The Friends (Awliya’) Of Allah Most High
p52.0 Enormities: Dragging The Hem Of One’s Garment Out Of Conceit
p53.0 Enormities: Men Wearing Silk Or Gold
p54.0 Enormities: Slaughtering In Other Than Allah’s Name
p55.0 Enormities: Surreptitiously Changing Property-Line Markers
p56.0 Enormities: Disparaging The Prophetic Companions (Sahaba)
p57.0 Enormities: Disparaging The Medinan Helpers (Ansar)
p58.0 Enormities: He Who Inaugurates A Reprehensible Innovation (Bid’a)
p59.0 Enormities: Women Wearing False Hair And The Like
p60.0 Enormities: Pointing A Blade At One’s Brother
p61.0 Enormities: Falsely Claiming Someone Is One’s Father
p62.0 Enormities: Believing That Something Portends Bad Luck
p63.0 Enormities: Drinking From Gold Or Silver Vessels
p64.0 Enormities: Arguing, Picking Apart Another’s Words, And Quarrelling
p65.0 Enormities: Stinting When Weighing Or Measuring Out Goods
p66.0 Enormities: Feeling Secure From Allah’s Devising
p67.0 Enormities: Despairing Of The Mercy Of Allah And Loss Of Hope
p68.0 Enormities: Ingratitude To Someone Who Does One A Kindness
p69.0 Enormities: Withholding Excess Water From Others
p70.0 Enormities: Branding An Animal’s Face
p71.0 Enormities: Gambling
p73.0 Enormities: Forgoing The Friday Prayer To Pray Alone
p74.0 Enormities: Spying On The Muslims And Revealing Their Weaknesses
p75.1 Enormities: Envy
p75.2 Enormities: Not Loving The Prophet (Allah Bless Him And Give Him Peace) More Than All People
p75.3 Enormities: Contending With What The Prophet (Allah Bless Him And Give Him Peace) Has Brought
p75.4 Enormities: Acquiescing To Disobedience
p75.5 Enormities: Helping Another To Wrongfully Dispute
p75.6 Enormities: Underhandedness
p75.7 Enormities: Disaffecting A Person’s Spouse Or Servant From Him
p75.8 Enormities: Vulgarity
p75.9 Enormities: Being Leaderless
p75.10 Enormities: Benefiting At A Muslim’s Expense
p75.11 Enormities: Shunning A Muslim Without Right
p75.12 Enormities: Interceding For The Guilty
p75.13 Enormities: Saying Something That Allah Detests
p75.14 Enormities: Saying “Master” (Sa Yyld) To A Hypocrite
p75.15 Enormities: Breaking A Promise
p75.16 Enormities: Not Trimming One’s Mustache
p75.17 Enormities: Not Performing The Hajj When Able To
p75.18 Enormities: Keeping An Inheritance From An Heir
p75.19 Enormities: Talking About How One’s Wife Makes Love
p75.20 Enormities: Sodomizing One’s Wife
p75.21 Enormities: Intercourse With One’s Wife During Menstruation
p75.22 Enormities: Looking Into Another’s House Without Leave
p75.23 Enormities: Excessiveness In Religion
p75.24 Enormities: Not Accepting A Sworn Statement
p75.25 Enormities: Stinginess
p75.26 Sitting In The Center Of A Circle
p75.27 Enormities: Passing In Front Of Someone Performing The Prayer
p75.28 Enormities: Not Loving One’s Fellow Muslims