Hadith: Obligation of Jihad 14

The Hadith series is based on Bill Warner’s book The Political Traditions of Mohammed – The Hadith for Unbelievers. It is a compilation of all the Hadith (Traditions) related to non-Muslims. The Political Traditions of Mohammed contains both sets of Islamic ethics – one for the Muslim and one for the unbelievers.

Chapter 2 Jihad

A jihadist fights so that Islam will triumph, not just for wealth or fame. The jihadist is the purest and best Muslim.

B4,52,65 A man asked Mohammed, “One man fights for wealth, one man fights to achieve fame, and another fights for pride. Who among them fights for the cause of Allah?” Mohammed said, “The man who fights so that Islam should dominate is the man who fights for Allah’s cause.”

B4,52,72 Mohammed: “After entering Paradise no one would want to return to the world even though he might have everything in it, the only exception being the Muslim warrior who would return to be martyred ten times more for the honor he received from Allah.”


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