Hadith: Killing Oneself in Jihad

The Hadith series is based on Bill Warner’s book The Political Traditions of Mohammed – The Hadith for Unbelievers. It is a compilation of all the Hadith (Traditions) related to non-Muslims. The Political Traditions of Mohammed contains both sets of Islamic ethics – one for the Muslim and one for the unbelievers.

Chapter 2 Jihad


To commit suicide is a sure path to Hell. But to kill oneself in jihad is a sure path to eternal pleasure in Paradise.

B5,59,509 The army was arranged in rows at the battle at Khaybar. Amir’s sword was short, and he aimed at the knee of a Jew. The sharp blade glanced off the Jew’s knee and cut Amir’s leg. He bled to death. After the battle, Al Akwa was sad and Mohammed asked him, “What is bothering you?” Al Akwa said, “They say Amir is lost because he killed himself.” Mohammed said, “No, they are wrong. Amir will get a double reward [an elevated place in Paradise].” Mohammed raised two fingers. “Amir was a strong fighter in the Cause of Allah. There are few who have achieved such goodness as Amir.”

Killing yourself in jihad is good, but suicide is a great sin.

B8,73 Mohammed: “If someone kills himself, by any means in this world, then he will be tortured on the Day of Resurrection in the same manner.”


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