Reading the Koran. 107

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.



When Mohammed heard that the Arab tribe, the Mustaliq, were opposed to him and were gathering against him, he set out with his army to attack them. He contacted them at a watering hole and combat started. Islam was victorious and the Mustaliq and their women, children, and goods were taken as spoils of war and distributed to the fighters.

The captives of the tribe of Mustaliq were parceled out as spoils. There was a ransom price set upon their heads. If the ransom were not paid then the people were treated as spoils and slaves. Now one of them was a beautiful woman with a high price on her. She came to Mohammed and asked him to see if the price could be reduced. Mohammed had a better idea. He would pay the ransom for the beautiful woman and she would become his wife. Now in spite of the fact that she was already married, there was no problem. It was a deal. Mohammed paid the ransom and the beautiful woman became wife number seven.

This marriage had a side effect. The captives were now related to Mohammed’s wife. They were all released without ransom.



There was a poetess who wrote a poem against Islam. Mohammed said, “Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?” One of his followers heard him and on that very night he went to the woman’s home and killed her.

The assassin was able to do the work in the dark as the woman slept. Her other children lay in the room, but her babe lay on her breast. The stealthy assassin removed the child and drove the knife into her with such force that he pinned her to the bed.

In the morning he went to Mohammed and told him. Mohammed said, “You have helped Allah and his Apostle.” When asked about the consequences, Mohammed said, “Two goats won’t butt their heads together over this.”

Mohammed turned to the people in the mosque, he said, “If you wish to see a man who has assisted Allah and his Prophet, look here.” Omar cried, “What, the blind Omeir!” “No,” said Mohammed, “call him Omeir the Seeing.”

The poetess had five sons and the assassin went to them and said, “I killed Bint Marwan, Oh sons. Withstand me if you can; don’t keep me waiting.” Islam became powerful that day and many became Muslims when they saw the power of Islam.


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