Reading the Koran. 100

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


Those who die in jihad will be rewarded by Allah.

3:156 Believers! Do not follow the unbelievers’ example when they say about their brothers who have been killed in a foreign country or in battle, “If only they had stayed at home they would not have died or have been killed!” Allah will make them regret what they have said. Allah is the giver of both life and death; Allah knows all that you do.

3:157 The forgiveness and mercy they, who die or are killed for Allah’s cause, will receive from Allah will be far better than anything they could have gained. If you die or are killed, then surely you will all be gathered before Allah.

I602 But Mohammed must be gentle with the Muslims. So he will overlook their faults and will forgive them. He will still consult with them, but the final decision must lie with Allah and Mohammed.

3:158 It was because of Allah’s mercy that you spoke so gently to them. For if you had dealt with them severely or been hard-hearted, they would have turned away from you. Therefore, forgive them and ask Allah to forgive them and counsel them in the affair of war; and when you have resolved the matters, put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those who trust Him. If Allah is helping you, no one can defeat you. But if He leaves you, who will be there to help you when He is gone? Therefore, let the faithful put their trust in Allah.

I603 The Muslim’s loss was a test that was brought on by their decisions. The hypocrites were told to fight in jihad or at least defend the city. Their excuses are those of an unbeliever.

3:165 And when disaster [battle of Uhud] befell you, although it brought destruction twice as great to the unbelievers, you said, “Why is this happening to us?” Say to them, “You have brought this upon yourselves for Allah controls all things. The destruction which befell you the day the two armies met in battle was Allah’s will so He would recognize who were the true believers and who were the hypocrites.” And when they were told, “Come and fight for Allah’s cause [jihad] and drive your enemies back,” they replied, “If we knew how to fight, then we would have followed you.”

3:168 Some of them were closer to unbelief than faith that day. What they said with their mouths was not what was in their hearts, but Allah knew what they were hiding in their hearts. It was these who said, while sitting at home, of their brothers, “If only they had listened to us, then they would not have been killed.” Say: Try to avert your death if what you say is true!

3:169 Never believe that those who have been killed for Allah’s cause [jihad] are dead. No, they are alive with their Lord and receive rich provisions. They rejoice in the bounty Allah gives them and are joyful for those left behind who have yet to join them that they will have nothing fear or regret. They are filled with joy for Allah’s grace and blessings. Allah will not fail to reward the faithful.

3:172 As for those who answered the call of Allah and His messenger after they were defeated [battle of Uhud], those of them who do good works and fear Allah will be richly rewarded. They are the ones who when it was said to them, “Your enemies are gathering vast armies against you, so fear them,” it only increased their faith and they said, “Allah’s help is enough for us. He is the most excellent protector.” It was in this manner that they earned Allah’s grace and blessings, and no harm came to them. And they worked to please Allah for Allah is full of boundless grace.

The success that the unbelievers are experiencing is temporary.

They will grow in their evil and they will be punished. Allah will not leave the believers in this state. But this trial will separate the weak from the strong. Those who have wealth should spend it on Allah’s cause.

3:175 It is only Satan who causes you to fear his followers [the leaders of the Meccans]. Do not fear them; fear Me if you are truly believers. Do not be distressed for those who turn away from the faith for Allah is not hurt by them. Allah will refuse them any part of the world to come. Severe torment awaits them. Those who trade their faith for unbelief will do no harm to Allah, and they will receive a painful punishment.

3:178 Do not let the unbelievers think that we lengthen their days for their own good. We give them time only hoping that they will commit more serious sins. They will receive a shameful punishment.

3:179 It is not Allah’s will that the believers should remain in their present condition but only until He divides the bad from the good [reveals the hypocrites]. Neither is it Allah’s will to reveal the secrets of the unknown, but Allah chooses those of His messengers whom pleases to know them. Therefore, believe in Allah and His messengers, and if you have faith and fear Allah, then you will receive a great reward.

3:180 Never let those who selfishly store up the wealth Allah has given them think that they are doing good. No! It will be bad for them. The wealth they have amassed will be a weight upon their shoulders on the Day of Resurrection. The heavens and the earth are Allah’s inheritance, and Allah knows all that you do.


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