Hadith: Treatment Of Fellow Muslims

The Hadith series is based on Bill Warner’s book The Political Traditions of Mohammed – The Hadith for Unbelievers. It is a compilation of all the Hadith (Traditions) related to non-Muslims. The Political Traditions of Mohammed contains both sets of Islamic ethics – one for the Muslim and one for the unbelievers.

Chapter 1 Ethics

Treatment Of Fellow Muslims (1)

Do not harm another Muslim.

B1,2,9 Mohammed: “The difference between a Muslim and an Immi­grant1 is that a Muslim avoids harming other Muslims with words or deeds, while an Immigrant merely abandons everything that Allah forbids.”
1. Mohammed emigrated from Mecca to Medina. The Immigrant is a sacred
figure in Islam.

Weapons in the mosque are acceptable. The mosque is a political center as well as a community center and a place of worship.

B1,8,443 Mohammed: “Arrows should be held by their heads when carried through mosques or markets so that they do not harm a Muslim.”

B9,88,193 Mohammed: “You should not aim your weapons at other Muslims; you never know, Satan might tempt you to harm them, and your sin would send you to Hell.”


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