Reading the Koran. 94

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 12 JIHAD AND THE KORAN (end of chapter)

4:94 Believers! When you travel abroad to fight for Allah’s cause [jihad], be discerning, and do not say to everyone who greets you, “You are not a believer,” only seeking the fleeting joys of this world [by killing the unbeliever and taking their property]. With Allah are abundant joys. You too were like them before Allah granted His grace to you. Therefore, be perceptive; Allah knows all that you do.

4:95 Believers who stay at home in safety, other than those who are disabled, are not equal to those who fight with their wealth and their lives for Allah’s cause [jihad]. Allah has ranked those who fight earnestly with their wealth and lives above those who stay at home. Allah has promised good things to all, but those who fight for Him will receive a far greater reward than those who have not. They will be conferred ranks especially from Him, along with forgiveness and mercy, for Allah is forgiving and merciful.

22:39 Those who have been attacked are given permission to fight because they have been persecuted, and surely Allah is able to make them victorious. There are some who have been driven out of their homes unjustly just because they said, “Allah is our Lord.” If Allah had not repelled some men by using others [war], the monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which Allah’s name is praised, would have been destroyed. But surely Allah will help those who help Him in His cause. Allah is strong and mighty. Allah will surely help those who, once we establish them as leaders in the land, pray regularly and pay the poor tax and command what is right and forbid what is wrong. And the final outcome of all things is in Allah’s hands.

22:58 Those who fled their homes for Allah’s cause [jihad] and were killed or died as a result, surely Allah will provide for them generously, for Allah is the best provider. Allah will certainly lead them in with a pleasing welcome. Allah is all-knowing and gracious. So it will be. Whoever retaliates with the same force with which he was wronged and continues to be oppressed, Allah will help him. Allah is merciful and forgiving.

22:78 Fight valiantly for Allah’s cause [jihad] as it benefits you to do for Him. He has chosen you, and has not made hardships for you in the religion; it is the religion of your father Abraham. It was Allah who called you Muslims, both in previous scriptures and now, so that the Messenger may be a witness for you and that you may be his witness against mankind. Therefore, pray regularly, pay the poor tax, and hold firmly to Allah, for He is your protector. He is the best protector and the best helper.

9:19 Do you compare him who gives drink to the pilgrims and who visits the Sacred Temple to him who believes in Allah and the Last Day and strives hard in Allah’s cause [jihad]? They are not equal in the sight of Allah, and He does not guide the unrighteous.

9:20 They who have believed, have fled their homes, and have striven with all their might with their property and their souls in the cause of Allah [jihad] will have the highest rank with Him. These are the ones who are triumphant. Their Lord sends them tidings of mercy from Himself and of His good pleasure and Gardens in which lasting pleasure will be theirs. They will abide there forever. Allah’s presence is the greatest reward of all.

9:120 The people of Medina and the Arabs of the desert around them had no cause to abandon Allah’s Messenger or to prefer their own lives to his because anything they did or suffered was seen as a deed of righteousness. Whether they suffer thirst, fatigue, or hunger in the name of Allah, or take any steps that anger the unbelievers, or receive any damage from the enemy, it is all written down for them as a good work. Allah does not allow the reward of the righteous [those who die in jihad] to perish.

9:121 They could not spend anything in Allah’s cause [jihad], small or great, nor cross any valley but it is written down in their credit. Allah may reward them with better than they have wrought.


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