Reading the Koran. 90

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


When Mohammed speaks, a Muslim has only one choice. Listen and obey.

8:20 Believers! Be obedient to Allah and His messenger, and do not turn your backs now that you know the truth. Do not be like the ones who say, “We hear,” but do not obey.

I480 If those who practice the old religions will submit to Islam then all will be forgiven. Only submission to Islam will save the unbeliever.

8:38 Tell the unbelievers that if they change their ways, then they would be forgiven for their past. If, however, they continue to sin, let them remember the fate of those who came before them. Fight against them until they stop persecuting you, and Allah’s religion reigns sovereign over all others. If they cease, Allah knows all they do, but if they turn their backs, know that Allah is your protector — an excellent helper.

After war and victory come, there are the spoils of war. One fifth is to go to the Apostle, Allah’s prophet.

8:41 Know that a fifth of all your spoils of war [the traditional cut for the leader was a fourth] belong to Allah, to His messenger, to the messenger’s family, the orphans, and needy travelers. Sincerely believe in Allah and in what was sent down to you through His messenger on the day of victory when the two armies met. Allah is powerful over all things.

The Koran shows how Allah helped the Muslims destroy the unbelievers.

8:42 Remember when you were camped on the near side of the valley and the unbelievers were on the far side with the caravan below you? If you had made an agreement to meet in battle [against the caravan], you surely would have failed, but you went into battle [against the unbelievers army], nevertheless, so that Allah could accomplish his goal that those who were destined to die would die and so those who were meant to live would live. Allah hears and knows all.

8:43 Allah showed your enemies to you in a dream as an army few in number. If He had shown you a large army, you certainly would have been frightened and you would have had arguments among yourselves. But Allah spared you this for He knows your deepest secrets. And when you met them in battle, He made them appear to you as fewer in number than in reality so that Allah might carry out what had to be done. All things return to Allah.

In war (jihad) remember Allah all the time and you will prevail. Obey Mohammed, don’t argue with him or each other. Don’t quit, don’t lose morale. Allah will see that you prevail. And when the unbelievers are slain, their troubles have just begun. Allah will use his angels to torture them forever.

8:45 Believers! When you confront their army stand fast and pray to Allah without ceasing so that you will be victorious. Obey Allah and His messenger, and do not argue with one another for fear that you will lose courage and strength. Be patient for Allah is with the patient. Do not be like the Meccans who left home bragging and full of vainglory. They prevent others from following Allah’s path, but Allah knows all that they do.

8:48 Satan made their sinful acts seem acceptable to them, and he said, “No one will defeat you this day, and I will be there to help you.” When the two armies came within sight of one another, however, he quickly fled saying, “I am finished with you for I can see things which you cannot [the angels were helping to kill the unbelievers]. I fear Allah for Allah’s punishment is severe.”

8:49 The hypocrites [Muslims who were weak in their faith] and those with diseased hearts said, “Their religion has misled the Muslims.” But those who have faith in Allah will discover that Allah is mighty and wise. If only you could witness the angels carrying off the unbelievers’ souls! They slash their faces and backs saying, “Taste the torment of the Fire!”

Mohammed is to encourage war and lead the believers to war. With Allah 20 Muslims can kill and vanquish 200 of the non-Muslims. And 100 Muslims can destroy 1000 of the non-Muslims. The unbelievers are ignorant and easily defeated by jihad. Take no prisoners until Islam has made all submit. Forget the ransom and the money, submission of the non-believers is all that matters.

8:65 Messenger! Call the faithful to fight. If there are among you twenty who will stand fast, they will overcome two hundred; and if there are a hundred of you, they will overcome a thousand unbelievers for they lack understanding. Allah has now lessened your burden because He knows that there is weakness in you. If there are among you a hundred men who will stand fast, they will overcome two hundred; and if there are a thousand among you, they will, by the permission of Allah, overcome two thousand. Allah is with the steadfast.

8:67 A prophet should not take prisoners of war until he has fought and slaughtered in the land. You desire the bounty of the world, but Allah desires the bounty for you of the world to come. Allah is mighty and wise. If there had not been a prior command from Allah, you would have been punished severely for what you had taken. But now enjoy the spoils you have taken, which are lawful and good, but fear Allah. Allah is forgiving and merciful.


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