Reading the Koran. 88

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.



Mohammed heard that Abu Sufyan was coming with a large caravan of thirty to forty Quraysh from Syria. Mohammed called the Muslims together and said, “Go out and attack it, perhaps Allah will give us the prey.”

As the caravan approached Medina, Abu Sufyan became worried and questioned every rider on the road about Mohammed. Then he heard intelligence that indeed Mohammed was going to attack. He sent out a fast rider to Mecca for aid.

Mohammed and his men headed out of Medina for what was to prove to be one of the most important battles in all of history, a battle that would change the world forever.

Mohammed was cheered. He said, “I see the enemy dead on the ground.” They headed towards Badr where they camped near there for the night. He sent several scouts to the well at Badr and the scouts found two slaves with water camels. They felt sure they were from the Quraysh caravan and brought back them back to Mohammed. Two of Mohammed’s men questioned them as Mohammed was nearby praying. The men replied that they were from the Quraysh. Mohammed’s men began to beat them and torture the slaves as Mohammed prayed.

Mohammed told his men that the slaves told them the truth until they started to beat and torture them. Then the slaves had lied but it had been the lie that they wanted to hear. Mohammed asked the men how many of the Quraysh there were and who were the leaders of the Quraysh. When they told him he was delighted and told his warriors that Mecca had sent their best men to be slaughtered.

Both armies had an idea of the location of the other. Mohammed went ahead to chose a place to camp and set up for battle on the morrow.

The Quraysh marched forth at daybreak. The battle started. Some arrows flew and one Muslim was killed. Mohammed addressed his army. “By Allah, every man who is slain this day by fighting with courage and advancing, not retreating, will enter Paradise.” One of his men had been eating dates said, “You mean that there is nothing between me and Paradise except being killed by the Quraysh?” He flung the dates to the side, picked up his sword and set out to fight. He got his wish and was killed later.

One of Mohammed’s men asked what makes Allah laugh? Mohammed answered, “When he plunges into the midst of the enemy without armor.” The man removed his coat of mail, picked up his sword and made ready to attack.

Now the two armies started to close ranks and move forward. Mohammed had said that his warriors were not to start until he gave the order. Now he took a handful of pebbles and threw them at the Quraysh and said, “Curse those faces.” The Muslims advanced. The battle had begun.

As the battle wound down, Mohammed issued orders for the fighters to be on the look out for Abu Jahl, the enemy of Allah, among the slain. He was found still fighting in a thicket. A Muslim made for him and cut off his lower leg. Another Muslim passed by him as Abu Jahl lay dying and put his foot on his neck. The Muslim said, “Has Allah put you to shame, enemy of Allah?” Abu Jahl gasped, “How has He shamed me? Am I any more remarkable than any other you have killed?” The Muslim cut off his head.

He took the head back to Mohammed and said, “Here is the head of the enemy of Allah” and threw it at Mohammed’s feet. The Prophet said, “Praise be to Allah.”

As the bodies were dragged to a well, one of the Muslims saw the body of his father thrown in. He said, “My father was a virtuous, wise, kind, and cultured man. I had hoped he would become a Muslim. He died an unbeliever.” His abode is hellfire forever. [Before Islam killing of kin and tribal brothers had been forbidden since the dawn of time. After Islam brother would kill brother and sons would kill their fathers. Fighting in Allah’s cause—jihad.]

The bodies of the Quraysh were thrown into a well. The Apostle of Allah leaned over the well and shouted at the bodies, “Oh people of the well, have you found what Allah promised to be true?” The Muslims were puzzled by his question. Mohammed explained that the dead could hear him.



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