Reading the Koran. 85

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.



Mohammed began to preach the religion of Islam to the Medinans just as he had the Meccans.

8:21 The vilest creatures in Allah’s sight are the ones who are deaf, dumb, and without sense. If Allah had recognized any potential in them, He would have given them the ability to hear. Even if He makes them hear, they would still turn their backs and deny the faith. Believers! Answer the call of Allah and His messenger which gives you life. Know that Allah comes between a person and his own heart and that you all will be gathered to Him. Protect yourselves from sinning because it will not only be the unbelievers who will face temptation. Allah is severe in His punishment.

3:101 Believers! Fear Allah as He deserves to be feared! When death finds you, die as true Muslims.

3:103 Hold firmly to Allah’s rope [the Koran] and do not be divided among you. And remember Allah’s goodness to you, how when you were enemies He joined your hearts together in love so that through His grace you became like brothers. And when you were on the brink of the pit of Fire, He saved you. It is in this way that Allah makes His signs clear to you so you will find the right path. Let there be a group formed from among you who calls for goodness, commands justice, and forbids what is wrong. These are the ones who will be victorious.

57:16 Has not the time come for those who believe to submit to Allah’s warning and to the truth He has sent down? This is so they will not be like those who came before and to whom the Scriptures were given, whose lives were prolonged but their hearts hardened, and many of them were evil-doers. Know that Allah gives life to the earth after it is dead. Now We have made Our signs clear to you so that you will understand.

57:18 Those who give to charity, whether they are men or women, and those who loan generously to Allah, will be paid back double what they have given. They will receive a noble reward.

57:19 Those who believe in Allah and His messenger are truthful ones who will testify [against the unbelievers] before the presence of their Lord. They will receive their reward and their light, but those who deny Allah will be the prisoners of Hell.

57:20 Know that the life of this world is only a game and an amusement, a show and vain boasting among you! The quest for more wealth and more children can be compared to the plants which spring up after the rain. Their growth makes the man rejoice, but soon they will whither and turn yellow becoming dry and crumbling away. In the world to come, either a terrible punishment or forgiveness and reward awaits you. The life of this world is only a fleeting joy.

57:21 Therefore, urge one another on in seeking forgiveness from your Lord and in earning admittance into a Paradise as vast as the heavens and earth prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messengers. That is the grace of Allah, and He gives it to whom He pleases. Allah’s grace is boundless.

57:22 Every disaster that happens to the earth, or to yourselves, was preordained before We caused it to occur. Truly that is easy for Allah so that you will not grieve over good things that have passed you by or be overly joyous at the good you have received. Allah does not love the boastful, the arrogant, nor those who are selfish with their wealth and urge others to be the same. And those who turn away from Allah’s path should know that Allah is self-sufficient, praiseworthy.

57:25 We have sent Our messengers with clear signs, and We have caused the Scriptures and the balance of justice to come down through them. We have sent down iron with its strength for war as well as its many other uses for mankind so that Allah would know those who would help Him and His messengers, although unseen. Allah is powerful and mighty.

60:2 If they have the upper hand of you, they will prove your enemies. They will stretch out their hands and tongues to hurt you and will desire that you reject the truth. Neither your kindred nor your children will be of profit to you on the Last Day. He will sever the connections between you. Allah sees your actions.

60:4 There is a good example in Abraham of those who followed him when they said to their people, “We are clear of you and of what you worship besides Allah. We renounce you, and between us a hatred and hostility has sprung up forever until you believe in Allah alone.” Do not imitate the language of Abraham to his father, “I will pray for your forgiveness, but I will obtain nothing for you from Allah.” Oh, our Lord, in You we trust, to You we repent, and to You we will return at last.

60:5 Oh, our Lord, do not make us a trial for those who disbelieve, but forgive us, Lord, for you are the mighty and wise. There is in them a good example for all who hope in Allah and in the Last Day. If any turn away, Allah is truly rich and praiseworthy. Allah will, perhaps, establish good will between yourselves and those whom you take to be your enemies. Allah is powerful, gracious, and merciful.

5:55 Your protectors are Allah and His Messenger and those who believe, who observe regular prayer and regular charity, and who bow in worship. And whoever takes Allah, His Messenger, and those who believe for friends, they truly are the people of Allah and must be triumphant. Oh, you who believe, do not take those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] before you, who have scoffed and jested at your religion, or who are unbelievers for your friends. Fear Allah if you are true believers.

When you call to prayer, they make it a mockery and a joke. This is because they are a people who do not understand.


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