Enormities: Reminding Recipients Of One’s Charity To Them

This is another article in the chapter Enormities from the classical manual on Sharia called Reliance of the Traveller. The articles are posted one by one in the order they are given in the book.

p36.1 Allah Most High says,
“0 you believe: do not nullify your charity by reminding recipients of having given it and by offending them” (Koran 2:264).
p36.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said,
“There are three people whom Allah will not speak to, look at, or exonerate on the Day of Judgement, and who will have a painful torment:
he who wears the hem of his garment low [A: out of pride], he who reminds recipients of his charity to them, and he who sells merchandise swearing that he paid more for it than he actually did.”


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