Reading the Koran. 78

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 8 THE JEWS (end of chapter)


In Mecca Mohammed spoke well of the Jews, who were very few. In Medina there were many Jews and his relations were tense. Up to now Mohammed had lead prayer in the direction of Jerusalem. Now the kiblah, direction of prayer, was changed to the Kabah in Mecca. Some of the Jews came to him and asked why he had changed the direction of prayer. After all, he said that he followed the religion of Abraham. The Koran responded:

2:142 The foolish ones will say, “What makes them turn from the kiblah [the direction they faced during Islamic prayer]?” Say: Both the east and the west belong to Allah. He will guide whom He likes to the right path. We have made you [Muslims] the best of nations so that you can be witnesses over the world and so that the messenger may be a witness for you. We appointed the former kiblah towards Jerusalem and now Mecca so that We could identify the messenger’s true followers and those who would turn their backs on him. It was truly a hard test, but not for those whom Allah guided. It was not Allah’s purpose that your faith should be in vain, for Allah is full of pity and merciful toward mankind. We have seen you [Mohammed] turn your face to every part of Heaven for guidance, and now We will have you turn to a kiblah that pleases you. So turn your face towards the direction of the sacred Mosque, and wherever the believers are, they will turn their faces toward it. The People of the Book know that this is the truth from their Lord, and Allah is not unaware of what they do. Even if you were to give the People of the Book [Jews] every sign, they would not accept your kiblah, nor would you accept theirs. None of them will accept the kiblah of the others. If you should follow their way after receiving the knowledge you possess, then you will certainly be a part of the unrighteous.

2:146 Those to whom we gave the Scriptures know Our messenger as they do their own sons [Jews who were secretly convinced of the truth of Mohammed], although some of them knowingly conceal the truth. This is the truth from your Lord; therefore, do not doubt it at all.

Mohammed summoned the Jews to Islam and made it attractive and warned them of Allah’s punishment and vengeance. The Jews said that they would follow the religion of their fathers. The Koran:

2:168 All people! Eat that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth and do not follow Satan’s footsteps for he is your declared enemy. He commands you to commit evil and shameful acts and urges you say words about Allah when you know nothing. When it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “No, we follow the practices of our ancestors.” What? Even though their ancestors were ignorant and without guidance? The unbelievers can be compared to animals who only respond to a shout or a cry. They are deaf, dumb, and blind, understanding nothing.

Since Islam is the successor to Judaism, Allah was the successor to Jehovah. It was actually Allah who had been the deity of the Jews and the Jews had deliberately hidden this fact by corrupted scriptures. For this the Jews will be cursed.

2:159 Those who conceal the clear signs and guidance [Mohammed said that the Jews corrupted the Scriptures that predicted his prophecy] that We have sent down after We have made them clear in the Scriptures for mankind, will receive Allah’s curse and the curse of those who damn them. But for those who repent, change their ways, and proclaim the truth, I will relent. I am relenting and merciful. Those who reject Me and die unbelievers will receive the curse of Allah and of the angels and of mankind. They will remain under the curse forever with no lightening of their punishment and no reprieve. Your Allah is the one god. There is no god but Him. He is compassionate and merciful.

62:5 Those to whom the Torah [the first five books of the Old Testament] was given and do not follow it can be compared to a donkey who is made to carry a load of books but is unable to understand them. Those who reject Allah’s revelations are a sorry example. Allah does not guide those who do wrong.

62:6 Say: You Jews! If you believe that you are Allah’s favorite people, set apart, then wish that you will die if you are telling the truth! But they will never wish to die because of their previous actions that have been sent on before them. Allah knows the evil-doers.

62:8 Say: The death from which you flee will certainly find you, and then you will return to the knower of things done in secret and in the open, and He will tell you everything you have ever done.

4:44 Have you not thought about those [Jews] to whom a part of the Scripture was given? They buy error for themselves and wish to see you go astray from the right path. But Allah knows your enemies best. Allah is sufficient as your protector, and Allah is sufficient as your helper. Some among the Jews take words out of the context of the Scriptures and say, “We have heard, and we disobey. We hear as one who does not hear. Look at us!” in this way twisting the phrase and defiling the faith. But if they said, “We hear and obey. Hear us and look at us!” it would be better for them and more righteous. But Allah has cursed them for their disbelief; only a few of them have faith!

4:47 To those of you [Jews and Christians] to whom the Scriptures were given: Believe in what We have sent down confirming the Scriptures you already possess before We destroy your faces and twist your heads around backwards, or curse you as We did those [the Jews] who broke the Sabbath, for Allah’s commandments will be carried out.


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