Reading the Koran. 74

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 8 THE JEWS (continued)


Mohammed said repeatedly that the Jews and Christians corrupted their sacred texts in order to conceal the fact that he was prophesied in their scriptures. The stories in the Koran are similar to those of the Jew’s scriptures, but they make different points. In the Koran, all of the stories found in Jewish scripture indicated that Allah destroyed those cultures that did not listen to their messengers. According to Mohammed, the scriptures of the Jews have been changed to hide the fact that Islam is the true religion.

But the Jews did not believe that Mohammed was a prophet. As a result, they are in error and cursed by Allah. And by denying his prophethood they conspired against him and Islam.

Mohammed is the final prophet. His coming was in the original Torah. Allah has blessed the Jews and protected them and now they refuse to believe the final and perfect prophet. The Jews are not ignorant, but deceitful. The Jews know the truth of Mohammed and cover the truth and hide the truth with lies.

2:6 As for the unbelievers, whether you warn them or not, they will not believe. Their hearts and ears are sealed up by Allah, and their eyes are covered as well. There will be a dreadful doom awaiting them.

2:40 Children of Israel! Remember the favor I have given you, and keep your covenant with Me. I will keep My covenant with you. Fear My power. Believe in what I reveal [the Koran], which confirms your Scriptures, and do not be the first to disbelieve it. Do not part with My revelations for a petty price. Fear Me alone. Do not mix up the truth with lies or knowingly hide the truth [Mohammed said the Jews hid their scriptures that foretold Mohammed would be the final prophet]. Be committed to your prayers, give to charity regularly, and bow down with those who bow down. Would you instruct others to be righteous and forget to attend to your own duties? You read the Scriptures! Do you not have sense? Seek guidance with patience and prayer; this is indeed a hard duty, but not for the humble who remember that they will have to meet their Lord and will return to Him.


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