Reading the Koran. 71

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


Mohammed used to say about one of the hypocrites that he had the same face as Satan. The man used to sit and listen to Mohammed and then take back to the hypocrites what he said. He said of Mohammed, “Mohammed is all ears. If anyone tells him anything, he will believe it.” The Koran speaks of him and other hypocrites:

9:61 There are some of them who injure the Messenger and say, “He is only a hearer.” Say: He is a hearer of good for you. He believes in Allah and believes in the faithful. He is a mercy to those of you who believe, but those who injure the Messenger of Allah will suffer a painful doom. They swear to you by Allah to please you, but Allah and His Messenger are worthier, so they should please Him if they are believers.

9:63 Do they not know that whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger will abide in the Fire of Hell, where they will remain forever? This is the great shame.

9:64 The hypocrites are afraid that a sura [chapter] would be sent down about them telling plainly what is in their hearts. Say: Go on mocking, but Allah will bring to light all that you fear.

I358 One of the hypocrites excused his criticism by saying that he was only talking and jesting. No criticism was too small to be unnoticed.

9:65 If you ask them, they will surely say, “We were only talking idly and jesting.” Say: Do you mock Allah, His signs, and His Messenger? Make no excuse. You have rejected faith after you accepted it. If we forgive some of you, we will punish others because they are evildoers. Hypocritical men and women have an understanding with one another. They command what is evil, forbid what is just, and do not pay the poor tax. They have forgotten Allah, and He has forgotten them. The hypocrites are the rebellious wrongdoers. Allah promises the hypocritical men and women and the unbelievers the Fire of Hell, and they will abide there; it is enough for them. Allah has cursed them, and an eternal torment will be theirs.

I365 The hypocrites change their faces depending upon who they are with. When they are with the Muslims, they believe. But when they are with the evil ones (the Jews) they say they are with the Jews. It is the Jews who order them to deny the truth and contradict Mohammed.

2:16 It is these who have bought error at the price of guidance. Their purchase is profitless, and they have lost the right direction. They are like the ones who lit a fire, and when it shed its light all around them, Allah took it away and left them in total darkness where they were unable to see. Deaf, dumb and blind, they will never turn back to the right path.

2:19 Or like the ones who, standing beneath a storm cloud dark with thunder and lightning, put their fingers in their ears to keep out the sound, fearing death. Allah surrounds the unbelievers. The lightning nearly takes their sight away. Each time the lightning flashes on them, they walk around, but when the darkness comes, they stand still. If Allah willed it, He could destroy their hearing and sight because Allah has power over everything.


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