Reading the Koran. 64

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


24:52 It is such as obey Allah and His Apostle, and fear Allah and do right, that will win (in the end).

With Abu Talib’s death, Mohammed needed political allies. Mohammed went to the city of Taif, about fifty miles away, with one servant. In Taif he met with three brothers who were politically powerful. Mohammed called them to Islam and asked them to help him in his struggles with those who would defend their native religions.

One brother said that if Mohammed were the representative of Allah, then the brother would go and rip off the covering of the Kabah, Allah’s shrine.

The second brother said, “Couldn’t Allah have found someone better than Mohammed to be a prophet?”

The third brother said, “Don’t let me even speak to you. If you are the prophet of Allah as you say you are, then you are too important for me to speak with. And if you are not, then you are lying. And it is not right to speak with liars.”

Since they could not agree, Mohammed asked them to keep their meeting private. But Taif was a small town and within days everyone knew of Mohammed’s presence. Taif was a very religious town in the old ways of the Arabs. Mohammed kept condemning them and their kind, until one day a mob gathered and drove him out of town, pelting him with stones.

Half way back to Mecca, he spent the night. When he arose for his night prayer, the Koran says that jinns came to hear him pray.

46:29 We sent a company of jinn so that they might hear the Koran. When the reading was finished, they returned to their people with warnings. They said, “Oh, people! We have heard a scripture sent down since the days of Moses verifying previous scriptures, a guide to the truth and the straight path. Oh, people! Hear the Messenger of Allah and believe Him that He will forgive your faults and protect you from tormenting punishment.”

46:32 Those who do not respond to Allah’s messenger cannot defeat His plan on earth, and he will have no protectors beside Him. Such men are in flagrant error. Have they not seen that Allah, who created the heavens and the earth and was not wearied by their creation, can give life to the dead? Yes, He has power over all things.

46:34 On the day the unbelievers are set before the Fire and are asked, “Is this not the truth?” they will say, “Yes, by Our Lord!” He will say, “Then taste the punishment because you did not believe.” Then be patient, as the messengers had patience and firmness, and do not try to hasten their doom. When they see what has been promised them, it will be as if they had waited but one hour. Will any perish except those who have transgressed?


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