Enormities: Bearing False Witness

This is another article in the chapter Enormities from the classical manual on Sharia called Reliance of the Traveller. The articles are posted one by one in the order they are given in the book.

p16.1 Allah Most High says, “Shun the abomination of idols, and shun false testimony” (Koran 22:30).
p16.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
(1) “On the Day of Judgement, the feet of the person who bore false witness will not stir from their place before their owner is condemned to hell.”
(2) “Shall I tell you of the worst enormities? – worshipping others with Allah, showing disrespect to parents, giving a false statement, and testifying to the truth of a falsehood.” And he kept repeating it until we were telling ourselves [N: out of sympathy for him because of the strain of repeating it, “If only he would be silent.”


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