Enormities: Drinking

This is another article in the chapter Enormities from the classical manual on Sharia called Reliance of the Traveller. The articles are posted one by one in the order they are given in the book.

P 14.1 Allah Most High says:
(1) “They will ask you about wine and gambling. Say: There is great sin therein” (Koran 2:219).
(2) .. 0 you believe: wine, gambling, idols, and fortune-telling arrows are but filth of the Devil’s handiwork, so shun them … ” (Koran 5:90).
p14.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
(1) “Scourge whoever drinks wine. If he drinks it again, scourge him again. If he drinks it again, scourge him again. If he drinks it a fourth time, kill him.” (N: The ruling of this hadith was later superseded, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) was brought a drunkard for a fourth time, but did not kill him, showing that execution had been superseded, though the hadith remains a proof that the crime of drunkenness is an enormity.)
(2) “Allah has cursed wine, and whoever drinks it, pours it, sells it, buys it, presses it for another, presses it for himself, carries it, accepts its delivery, or eats its price.”
(3) “Whoever drinks wine in this world shall be forbidden it in the next.”

As it is often the case with Islam, the cure is worse than the disease. For sure drinking alcohol has harmed many people. But being overweight shortens people’s lives as well. What about making it criminal to be fat? Islam claims to be a perfect way of life, but the problem is that like Procrustes, it tries cutting those who are too long and stretching those who are too short. Either you submit to it totally, or you are in trouble.


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