Reading the Koran. 47a

7This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


17:1 Glory to Allah, Who took His servant on a night time journey from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to the furthest Mosque [Jerusalem], whose neighborhood We have blessed so that We might show him Our signs: He, and only He, hears and sees all things.

One night as he lay sleeping, Mohammed said that the angel nudged him with his foot. He awoke, saw nothing, and went back to sleep. This happened again. Then it happened a third time. Mohammed awoke, saw Gabriel and took his arm. They went out the door and found a white animal, half mule and half donkey. Its feet had wings and could move to the horizon at one step. Gabriel put Mohammed on the white animal and off they went to Jerusalem to the site of the Temple.

There at the temple were Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and other prophets. Mohammed led them in prayer. Gabriel brought Mohammed two bowls. One was filled with wine and the other was filled with milk. Mohammed took the one with milk and drank it. That was the right choice.

When Mohammed told this story at the Kabah, the Quraysh hooted at the absurdity of it. Actually, some of the Muslims found it too hard to believe and left Islam. One of them went to Abu Bakr and told him that Mohammed had gone to Jerusalem the night before. Bakr said they were lying. They told him to go and hear for himself. Mohammed was at the mosque telling of his story. Abu Bakr said, “If he says it, then it is true. He tells me of communication with Allah that comes to him at all hours of the day and night. I believe him.”

Aisha, Mohammed’s favorite wife, said that Mohammed never left the bed that night, however, his spirit soared.

Mohammed reported that Abraham looked exactly like him. Moses was a ruddy faced man, tall, thin, and with curly hair. Jesus was light skinned with reddish complexion and freckles and lank hair.

After the prayers had been done in Jerusalem, Gabriel brought a fine ladder. Mohammed and Gabriel climbed the ladder until they came to one of the gates of heaven, called Gate of the Watchers. An angel was in charge there and had under his command 12,000 angels. And each of those 12,000 angels had 12,000 angels under them. The guardian angel asked Gabriel who Mohammed was. When Gabriel said it was Mohammed, the angel wished Mohammed well.

All the angels who greeted Mohammed, smiled and wished him well, except for one. Mohammed asked Gabriel who was the unsmiling angel. The unsmiling angel was Malik, the Keeper of Hell. Mohammed asked Gabriel to ask Malik if he would show him Hell. So Malik removed the lid to Hell and flames blazed into the air. Mohammed quickly ask for the lid to be put back on Hell.

At the lowest heaven, a man sat with the spirits of men passing in front of him. To one he would say, “A good spirit from a good body.” And to another spirit he would say, “An evil spirit from an evil body.” Mohammed asked who the man was. It was Adam reviewing the spirits of his children. The spirit of a believer excited him and the spirit of an infidel disgusted him.

Mohammed saw men with lips like a camel. In their hands were flaming hot coals. They would shove the coals into their mouths and the burning coals came out of their ass. These were those who had stolen the wealth of orphans. Then he saw the family of the Pharaoh with huge bellies. Then he saw women hanging from their breasts. These women had fathered bastards on their husbands. Mohammed said that Allah hates women who birth bastards. They deprive the true sons of their portion and learn the secrets of the harem.

Then Mohammed was taken up to the second heaven and saw Jesus and his cousin, John, son of Zakariah. In the third heaven he saw Joseph, son of Jacob. In the fourth heaven, Mohammed saw Idris. In the fifth heaven was a man with a long beard and white hair. He was a very handsome man who was Aaron, son of Imran. In the sixth heaven was a dark man with a hooked nose. This was Moses. In the seventh heaven was a man sitting on a throne in front of a mansion. Every day 70,000 angels went into the mansion, not to come out until the day of resurrection. The man on the throne looked just like Mohammed; it was Abraham. Abraham took Mohammed into Paradise and there was a beautiful woman with red lips. Mohammed ask who she belonged to, for she was very attractive to him. She belonged to Zaid. When he got back, Mohammed told him of this.

When Gabriel took Mohammed to each of the heavens and asked permission to enter he had to say who he had brought and whether they had a mission. They would then say, “Allah grant him life, brother and friend.” When Mohammed got to the seventh heaven his Lord gave him the duty of fifty prayers a day. When he returned past Moses, Moses asked him how many prayers Allah had given him. When Moses heard that it was fifty, he said, “Prayer is a weighty matter and your people are weak. Go back and ask your Lord to reduce the number for you and your community. Mohammed went back and got the number reduced to forty. When he passed Moses, the same conversation took place. And so on until Allah reduced the number to five. Moses tried to get Mohammed to go back and get the number reduced even further, but Mohammed felt ashamed to ask for more.

In the Night Journey we see Mohammed as the successor to the Jewish prophets.


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