Reading the Koran. 37

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


8:20 Believers! Be obedient to Allah and His messenger, and do not turn your backs now that you know the truth. Do not be like the ones who say, “We hear,” but do not obey.

Each of the clans of the Quraysh began to persecute those Muslims that they had any power over. If Mohammed attacked them, they would attack him through his converts. One slave, Bilal (to become famous later) was physically abused by being placed in the hot sun with a huge rock on his chest and being told to deny Islam. He refused. This was repeated until Abu Bakr, a chief Muslim, took notice and asked how long the owner would abuse him. The owner said, “You are one of those who corrupted him, you save him.” So Abu Bakr offered to trade a stronger black, non-Muslim slave for Bilal. Then Abu Bakr freed Bilal. Abu Bakr did this with six other Muslim slaves as well.

migration to ethiopia

Since the Quraysh were resisting Islam and being harsh to the Muslims, Mohammed decided to send many of his followers to Ethiopia as the Christian king there would not bother them. So eighty to ninety Muslims left Arabia to cross the Red Sea to Ethiopia.

In these times of stress, the Koran has advice for Mohammed.

7:157 Those who follow the Messenger—the Prophet who neither reads nor writes, whom they shall find described in the Torah and the Gospel, who commands good and forbids evil; allows the pure and healthful and prohibits the impure; releases them from the burdens and shackles that were upon them—those who believe in him, honor and help him and follow the light [the Koran] that was sent down with him, they are the successful.

7:158 Say: Oh, people, I am sent to you as the messenger of Allah, whose kingdom is the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He. He gives both life and death. So believe in Allah and His messenger, the unlettered Prophet, who believes in Allah and His word. Follow Him so that you may be led aright.

34:39 Say: My Lord will be liberal or sparing in supplies with whom He pleases of his servants, and whatever you spend for good, He will replace it; He is the best provider. One day He will gather His angels all together, and He will say, “Did these men worship you?” They will say, “Glory to you. You are our guardian, not them. No, they worshipped the jinn. Most of them believed in them.” So on this day they will not have power over one another for profit or harm, and We will say to the evildoers, “Taste the torment of the Fire, which you called a lie.”

34:43 For when Our clear signs are recited to them, they say, “This is merely a man who would turn you away from your father’s religion.” They say, “This (Koran) is only a lie.” And when they hear the truth, the unbelievers say, “This is nothing but clear sorcery.” Yet We did not give them any books to study deeply, nor have We sent them a messenger with warnings.

Those before them rejected the truth, but they have not given Us a tenth of what We have given to them. When they rejected My messengers, My vengeance was terrible.

34:46 Say: I advise you in one thing: that you stand up before Allah and reflect. There is no madness in your fellow citizen [Mohammed]. He is only your warner before a severe punishment.

34:47 Say: I do not ask any reward from you. Keep it for yourselves. My reward is from Allah alone. He is witness to all things. Say: Truly my Lord sends the truth. He knows the unseen. Say: The truth has come, and falsehood will vanish and not return. Say: If I am wrong, it will cost my own soul. If I am guided, it is because of what my Lord reveals to me for He Hears all things and is near.

34:51 If you could see them when they are seized with terror. There will be no escape, and they will be taken from their graves. And they will say, “We believe in the truth,” but how can they reach faith in this life? They rejected faith before, and they aimed slanders at the mysteries. A barrier will be placed between them and their desires as was done with those who doubted.


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