Reading the Koran. 34

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 4. Public teaching (Continued)

The Koran introduces stories about Mary and Jesus.

19:16 And mention Mary in the Scripture, when she withdrew from her family to a place in the East. She took a veil to screen herself from them. Then We sent Our spirit [Gabriel] to her in the form of a perfect man.

She said, “I seek protection from you with Merciful Allah. If you fear Him, then do not come near me.”

19:19 He said, “I am merely your Lord’s messenger. I come to announce to you the gift of a holy son.”

19:20 She said, “How can I have a son when no man has touched me, and I am chaste?”

19:21 He said, “Even so, it will happen. Your Lord says, ‘That is easy for Me.’ We will make him a sign for all men and a mercy from Us. It is something that is decreed.”

And she conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a remote place. When the pain of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm-tree, she said, “If only I had died before this.”

19:24 But a voice from below her said, “Do not grieve; your Lord has provided a stream beneath you. Shake the trunk of the palm-tree towards yourself; it will drop fresh ripe dates upon you. So eat and drink and dry your eyes. And if you should see any man, say, ‘I have promised a fast to Allah. I will speak to no one today.’”

19:27 Later, she brought the baby to her people, carrying him in her arms. They said, “Mary, you have come with an amazing thing. Sister of Aaron, your father was not a wicked man, and your mother was not unchaste.”

But she merely pointed to the baby. They said, “How can we speak with an infant in a cradle?”

The child said, “Surely, I am the servant of Allah. He has given me the Book and has made me a prophet. He has made me blessed wherever I am; and has urged me to pray and give alms, as long as I live; and to be dutiful to my mother; and He has not made me arrogant or miserable. The peace of Allah was on me the day I was born, and will be on me the day that I die; and on the day I will be resurrected.”

19:34 This was Jesus, the son of Mary; this is a statement of truth about which they [Christians] dispute. It does not befit the majesty of Allah to father a son. Glory be to Him! When He decrees something, He only needs to say, “Be,” and it is. Surely, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him. That is the right path.

19:37 The sects differ among themselves about Jesus. Woe to the unbelievers because of the upcoming Judgment of a momentous day. They will see and hear clearly on the day they come before Us. But today the unjust are clearly in error. Warn them of the day of distress when the matter is decided. They are negligent, and they do not believe. We will inherit the earth and everyone on it, and they will be returned to Us.


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