Reading the Koran. 33

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 4. Public teaching (Continued)

Mohammed’s opponents are frequently quoted and paraphrased:

43:29 I have allowed these men and their fathers to enjoy the pleasurable things of this life until the truth comes to them and a messenger makes things clear.

43:30 But when the truth came to them, they said: “This is trickery, and we reject it.” And they say, “Why was this Koran not revealed to a great man of one of the two cities [Mecca and Taif]?”

43:32 Will they distribute Allah’s mercy? We distribute among them their worldly success, and We exalt some of them above the others in ranks, subjecting some to others. Your Lord’s mercy is greater than the wealth they amass. And if it were not probable that all humanity might become a single nation of unbelievers, We would have given silver roofs and staircases to everyone, and silver doors for their homes, and silver couches on which to recline, and ornaments of gold, but these are merely luxuries of this world’s life. The afterlife with your Lord is for the righteous.

43:36 We assign a devil as a companion for those who turn their backs and neglect to remember Allah. Satan will certainly turn man from the way of Allah, even though he believes he is being guided correctly. On the day when man comes before Us, he will say, “Satan, I wish that the distance between east and west separated us.” Satan is a wretched companion. But that realization will not help you that day, because you were unjust, and you will share the punishment. Can you make the deaf listen or guide the blind and those clearly in error?

43:41 Even if We took you [Mohammed] away, We would surely take vengeance upon them; even though We showed you what We have promised them, We would still have total control over them. So keep a firm hold on the revelation sent to you; surely you are on the right path. The Koran is indeed the message for you and your people, and you shall all be soon brought to account.

43:45 And ask Our messengers that We sent before you [Mohammed]: have We ever appointed gods to be worshipped along with the merciful Allah?

21:1 Man’s final reckoning draws ever closer to him, and yet he heedlessly continues to turn away. Every new warning that comes to him from his Lord is ridiculed. The wicked confer secretly and say, “Is he a man like you, or something more? Will you succumb to witchcraft with your eyes wide open?”

21:4 Say: My Lord knows what is spoken in the heavens and on earth. He is the hearer and the knower of all things.

21:5 They say, “No, this is nothing but jumbled dreams. He made it up. He is just a crazy poet! We want him to bring us a sign similar to those given to the prophets of the past!” Up to their time, despite Our warnings, not a single city that We destroyed believed. Will these people believe?

21:7 Before you, Our messengers were also men to whom We sent a revelation. If you do not know this, you should ask someone who has received the Message. We did not give them bodies that did not need food, and they would not live forever. In the end, We kept Our promise, and We saved whom We pleased and destroyed the sinners. Now We have given you a book [the Koran] that contains the message for you. Now will you understand?

21:11 How many wicked cities have We destroyed and replaced with another people? And still, when they sensed Our punishment, they began to run. It was said to them, “Do not run. Return to your homes and easy lives so that you may be called to account for your actions.” They said, “Oh no! We were certainly wicked!” This cry of theirs did not stop until We mowed them down and left them like reaped corn.


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