Reading the Koran. 31

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 4. Public teaching (Continued)

As regards to the old Persian stories that are as good as Mohammed’s:

25:3 Still they have worshiped other gods, besides Him, who have created nothing and were themselves created. They are powerless to work good or evil for themselves, nor can they control life or death or resurrection. But the unbelievers say, “This [the Koran] is nothing but a lie which he [Mohammed] has created with the assistance of others producing slander and injustice.”

25:5 They say, “These are ancient fables that he has written down. They are dictated to him morning and night.”

25:6 Say: The Koran was revealed by Him who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth. He is truly forgiving and merciful.

As for following the religion of their forefathers:

43:21 Are they clinging to a scripture that We had given them earlier? No!

They say, “Our fathers followed a certain religion, and we are guided by their footsteps.”

And so, whenever We sent a messenger before you to an erring people, their wealthy said,

“Our fathers followed a certain religion, and we are guided by their footsteps.”

The messenger said, “What! Even if I bring you better guidance than your fathers had?”

They replied, “We do not believe what you say.”

So We punished them. Now see what comes to those who reject truth!

After the Jewish leaders in Medina helped the Meccans with questions to ask Mohammed, the Koran has its first negative comments about the Jews.

27:76 Surely this Koran explains to the Children of Israel most of the issues upon which they disagree. Certainly it is a guide and a mercy for those who believe. Surely your Lord will use His wisdom to judge between them. He is the mighty and the all-knowing. So put your trust in Allah. Surely, you are on the path to the plain truth.

27:80 You cannot make the dead listen or the deaf to hear, when they have turned to flee, nor can you guide the blind from their errors. You cannot make any listen except those who believe our revelations and who have submitted to Islam. When the Word against them is fulfilled, We will send a monster created from the earth to speak to them because mankind did not believe Our signs. One day We will gather together, from all peoples, a group of those who rejected Our signs and organize them into ranks until, when they come before their Lord, He will say, “Did you reject My signs because you could not understand them? What was it that you were doing?” And the Word will be fulfilled against them, because of their wickedness. They will be unable to speak in their own defense.


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