Reading the Koran. 26

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 4 (continued) Other Jewish references


20:115 Long ago We made a pact with Adam, but he forgot it, and We did not find any resolve in him. When We said to the angels, “Fall down and worship Adam,” all of them worshiped him except Iblis [Satan] who refused. We said, “Adam, he is truly an enemy to you and your wife. Do not let him drive you from the garden so that you become miserable. There is enough in the garden to provide you with food and clothing forever.

20:120 But Satan whispered to him, “Adam, would you like me to show you the tree of immortality and the power that never decreases?” Adam and Eve both ate from the tree, and their nakedness became apparent, so they began to sew clothing made from garden leaves to hide their nakedness. This is how Adam disobeyed Allah and went astray.

20:122 Later his Lord chose him and turned toward him again and guided him. And Allah said, “Both of you go down from here enemies to one another. You will receive more guidance from Me later. Whoever follows My guidance will not go wrong and will not be wretched, but whoever turns away from My message will truly have a life of misery. We will resurrect him and the others, blind, on Judgment Day.” He will say, “Lord, why have You gathered me here with the others, blind, when before I could see?” He will reply, “Because Our signs came to you and you ignored them, so you will be ignored today.”


20:1 TA-HA. We did not send the Koran to you to cause you sadness, but as a warning for those who fear Allah. It is a message from Him who made the earth and the heavens above, Allah, the merciful, who sits on His throne. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth, everything in between, and under the ground is His! You do not need to speak loudly, because He knows the most secret whisper and what is even more hidden. Allah! There is no god but Him! He is known by the most beautiful names!

20:9 Have you heard the story of Moses? He saw a fire and said to his family, “Wait here. I see a fire. Maybe I can bring an ember from it, or find a guide there.”

20:11 When he came to it, a voice called out, “Moses! I am your Lord. Take off your shoes. You are in the sacred Tuwa valley. I have chosen you. Listen to what I say. I am Allah. There is no god but Me. Worship Me and observe prayer to celebrate My praise. The Hour [Judgment Day] is certainly coming. I plan to keep it a secret so that all souls may be rewarded for their actions. Therefore do not let those who disbelieve and follow their lusts turn you away from the truth and cause your destruction.

20:17 What is that in your right hand, Moses?” He said, “It is my staff. I lean on it and beat the leaves down with it for my sheep, among other things.” Allah said, “Throw it down, Moses!” He threw it down, and it turned into a slithering serpent. Allah said, “Grab it and do not be afraid. We will change it back to its former state. Now put your hand under your arm. It will come out white [with leprosy], but unhurt. Another sign so that We may show you Our greatest signs. Go to Pharaoh, because he has exceeded all limits.”

20:25 Moses said, “My Lord, relieve my mind and make my task easy. Untie my tongue so they can understand what I say. Give me an assistant from my family—Aaron, my brother—add his strength to mine, and make him share my task. We will glorify you without pause, because you are always watching.” He said, “Moses, your request is granted. We have shown you favor before. Our message to your mother inspired her saying: ‘Put him into a chest and throw it in the river; the river will leave him on the bank where he will be found by an enemy to Me and to him.’ But I cast my love down upon you so that you might be raised under my eye.”

20:40 “Your sister went and said, ‘May I bring you someone to nurse him?’ Then We returned you to your mother so that her tears would be dried, and so she would not grieve. When you killed a man, We saved you from trouble, and tried you severely. You stayed with the Median [a city on the Red Sea] people for many years, and then you came here by My decree. I have chosen you for Myself. You and your brother go with My signs and do not fail to remember Me. Go to Pharaoh, because he has exceeded all limits, but speak gently to him; hopefully, he will listen or be afraid.”


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