Reading the Koran. 25

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 4 (continued) Other Jewish references


27:15 In the past We gave knowledge to David and Solomon, and they said, “Praise be to Allah, Who has favored us over many of His believing servants!” Solomon was David’s heir, and he said, “People, we have been taught the language of the birds, and have been given everything. This is clearly a blessing from Allah!”

27:17 Armies of men, jinns, and birds were gathered together before Solomon and arranged in battle order, and they marched until they reached the Valley of Ants. One ant said, “Ants, go into your homes so Solomon and his armies do not unwittingly crush you underfoot.” Solomon smiled at her words and said, “Lord, let me be thankful for your blessings which you have given me; and my parents; and that I should do good things, which are pleasing to you; and include me in the numbers of your righteous servants.”

27:20 He reviewed the birds and said, “Why do I not see the lapwing [hoopoe]? Is he one of those absent? I will certainly punish him severely or even kill him if he does not have a good excuse.” But the lapwing was not far behind, and he said, “I have discovered something you are unaware of, and I come to you from Saba [a kingdom of South Arabia] with good news. I have found out that they are ruled by a woman, and she has been given great wealth and has a mighty throne. I discovered her and her peoples worshipping the sun instead of Allah. Satan has made their actions seem pleasing in their minds and has prevented them from finding the true path so they receive no guidance. They do not worship Allah, Who brings forth what is hidden in the heavens and the earth, and Who knows what you hide and what you admit. There is no god, but Allah! Lord of the glorious throne!”

27:27 Solomon said, “We shall soon see whether you are telling the truth, or not. Take and deliver my letter to them; then turn away from them and wait for their answer.”

27:29 The queen said, “My chiefs, a noble letter has been delivered to me. It is from Solomon and it says, “In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. Do not be arrogant against me, but instead come and submit to me.”

27:32 She said, “My counselors, give me advice. I never decide an issue without your advice.”

27:33 They said, “We are strong, willing, and brave, but the power is in your hands. Tell us what you want us to do.”

27:34 She replied, “Typically, when kings enter a city, they pillage and humiliate its leading citizens. These people will do the same. I will send them a gift and wait until my ambassadors return with their response.”

27:36 When Sheba’s envoy came before Solomon, the king said, “What? Will you try to bribe me with riches? What Allah has given me is better than what He has given to you. You are impressed with your gift, but I am not. Return to your people. You had better believe that we will come to them with forces which they cannot resist, and we will drive them from their land shamed and humbled.”

27:38 He said to his officers, “My chiefs, which one of you will bring me her throne before they come to me and submit to Allah?”

27:39 An evil jinn said, “I will bring it to you before you get out of your chair. I am capable and trustworthy.”

27:40 But one who knew the Scripture said, “I will bring it to you in the blink of an eye.” When Solomon saw it set before him, he said, “This is done by the grace of Allah to see whether or not I would be grateful. If someone is grateful, his gratitude benefits only him. If someone is ungrateful, then he harms only himself. Truly my Lord is self-sufficient, bountiful.”

27:41 He said, “Disguise her throne so that it is unrecognizable. We will see whether or not she has guidance.”

27:42 When she arrived, she was asked, “Is this your throne?” She replied, “It seems to be the same.” Solomon said, “We received knowledge long before she, and we have submitted to Allah.” And he persuaded her from worshiping others besides Allah because she came from a people who had no faith.

27:44 It was said to her, “Enter the palace.” When she saw it, she thought it was a pool of water, and she pulled up her garment and bared her legs. Solomon said, “It is a palace paved with glass.” She said, “Lord, I have sinned against my soul. I submit with Solomon to the Lord of the worlds.”


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