Reading the Koran. 22

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


According to the Koran the ancient towns of Arabia were destroyed because they did not believe their prophet.

26:141 The people of Thamud [the people of a ruined Nabatean city near Medina] rejected the messengers. Their brother Salih said to them, “Will you not fear Allah? I am a faithful messenger worthy of all trust. Fear Allah and obey me. I ask for no reward. My reward comes only from the Lord of the worlds. Will you be left safely to enjoy all you have among gardens and fountains and corn-fields and palm-trees, heavy with fruit, and—insolent as you are—your homes carved from the mountain stone? Fear Allah and obey me. Do not obey the bidding of the extravagant who make mischief in the land, and do not reform.”

26:153 They said, “You are certainly one of the bewitched. You are only a man like us. Give us a sign if you are telling the truth.”

26:155 He said, “Here is a she-camel. She has a right to drink from the well, and you have a right to drink from the well, each at a scheduled time. But do not harm her, or the punishment of a terrible day will overtake you.”

26:157 But they hamstrung her, and then regretted it, so the punishment overtook them. Surely, there is a sign here, but most of them do not believe.

27:45 Long ago We sent to the Thamud their brother Salih saying, “Worship Allah.” But they became two quarrelling factions. He said, “My people, why do you embrace evil, rather than good? Why do you not ask Allah’s forgiveness so that you may receive mercy?”

27:47 They said, “We predict that you and your followers will bring us evil.” He said, “The evil that you sense will befall you will come from Allah. You are a people on trial.”

27:48 In the city there were nine men from one family who made mischief in the land and would not reform. They said, “Swear to one another by Allah that we will attack Salih and his family at night, and we will tell his vengeance-seeking heirs that we did not see the murder of his family, and we will be telling the truth.” They plotted and planned, but We also plotted, even though they did not realize. See how their plotting turned out. We destroyed them and their entire people. You may still see their ruined homes which were destroyed because they were wicked. Surely this is a sign for those who understand. We saved those who believed and acted righteously.


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