Reading the Koran. 21

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


The Koran had advice for Mohammed in these difficult times.

15:87 We have given you seven of the often-repeated verses [Sura 1] and the great Koran. Do not strain your eyes coveting the good things that We have given to some of the unbelievers, and do not grieve for them, but instead take the believers tenderly under your wing. Say: “ I am the one who gives plain warning.”

25:41 When they see you, they mock you, saying, “Is this the man whom Allah sends as a messenger? He would have led us far from our gods if we had not been so loyal to them!” When they see the punishment that is waiting, they will soon realize who was more misled. What do you think of someone who worships his own passion like a god? Would you be a guardian for such a person? Or do you think that most of them even hear or understand? They are just like cattle. No, they stray even further from the path.

Mohammed would come to the Kabah and tell the Meccans what terrible punishments that Allah had delivered to the others in history who had not believed their prophets. That was now one of his constant themes. Allah destroyed others like you who did not listen to men like me.

36:1 YA. SIN. I swear by the wise Koran that you are surely one of the messengers on a straight path, a revelation of the mighty, the merciful, sent to warn a people whose fathers were not warned, and consequently remain heedless.

36:7 Our sentence against them is just because they do not believe. We have bound their necks with chains that reach the chin, forcing their heads up. We have placed barriers in front, behind, and over them, so they cannot see. It does not matter whether you warn them or not, because they will not believe. You can only warn those who follow the message and fear merciful Allah in private. Give them glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous reward. It is true We will give life to the dead and that We record what they will do and what they have done. We have recorded everything in Our perfect ledger.

36:13 Use a parable to tell them the story of the people of the city [Antioch] when the messengers visited. When We first sent two messengers to them, the people rejected them, but We sent a third to strengthen their numbers. They said, “We are messengers sent to you by Allah.”

36:15 The people said, “You are merely men just like us. Allah has sent no revelation. You only tell lies.”

36:16 The messengers replied, “Our Lord knows that we have been sent to you. Our only duty is to proclaim the clear message.”

36:18 They said, “We predict evil from you. If you do not stop, we will certainly stone you and inflict a terrible punishment.”

36:19 The messengers said, “Your prediction of evil comes from within. Is it because you are warned? No! You are a people in error.”

36:20 A man [Habib, the carpenter] came running from the outskirts of the city and said, “My people, listen to the messengers! Obey those who do not ask any reward and who follow the right path. It would be unreasonable of me not to serve Him who created me, and to Whom we will all return. Should I worship other gods besides Him? If Allah wished to afflict me their intercession could not help me at all, nor could they save me. If I did worship other gods, I would be in clear error. I believe in your Lord, so listen to me.” It was said to him, “Enter the Garden of Paradise.” The man replied, “Oh, if only my people knew how gracious Allah has been to me and that He has made me one of the honored ones!”

36:28 After the man [Habib] from the outskirts died, We sent no army down from heaven against his people. We did not need to do so. It was nothing more than a single cry, and they were extinct. Oh! The misery that falls upon My servants! Every messenger sent to them has been mocked. Do they not see how many earlier generations We have destroyed? Every one of them will be brought before Us for judgment.

36:33 The dead earth is a sign for them. We give it life which produces grain for them to eat. And We have placed gardens of palms and grapes there with springs gushing water so they might enjoy the fruit of Our artistry. Their hands did not make this. Why will they not be grateful?


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