Reading the Koran. 20

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


Then one of the Quraysh said, “Then let the heavens be dropped on us in pieces as you say your Lord could do. Then if you do not we will not believe.” Mohammed said that Allah could do that if Allah wished or he might not if he wished.

They then said, “Did not your Lord know that we would ask you these questions? Then your Lord could have prepared you with better answers. And your Lord could have told you what to tell us if we don’t believe. We hear that you are getting this Koran from a man named Al Rahman from another town. We don’t believe in Al Rahman. Our conscience is clear. We must either destroy you or you must destroy us. Bring your angels and we will believe them.”

Mohammed turned and left. A cousin chased him and fell in beside him to talk. He said, “Mohammed, your tribe has made you propositions and you have rejected them. First, they asked you for things for themselves that they might see if you are true. Then they would follow you. You did nothing. Then they asked you for things for yourself so they could see your superiority over them and prove your standing with Allah. You did nothing. Then they said to bring on the punishments that your Allah has told you about and you have frightened us with his threats. You did nothing. Personally, I will never believe until you get a ladder up to the sky, you will climb it while I watch, and four angels will come and testify that you are truthful. But you know, even if you did all that, I still don’t know if I would believe you.”

Mohammed went home and was sad and depressed. He had hoped when they sent for him it was to announce their submission to his Allah and his teachings. Instead, it was resistance and questions.

26:204 What! Do they seek to hasten Our punishment? What do you think? If after giving them their fill for years and their punishment finally comes upon them, how will their pleasures help them? We have never destroyed a city that We did not warn first with a reminder. We did not treat them unjustly.

26:210 The devils were not sent down with the Koran. It does not suit them, and they do not have the power because they are banned from hearing it. Do not call upon any god but Allah, or you will be doomed. Rather, warn your close relatives.

26:215 And be kind to the believers who follow you. If they disobey you, say, “I will not be responsible for your actions.” Put your trust in Him who is mighty and merciful, Who sees you when you stand in prayer, and your demeanor among the worshippers, because He hears and knows everything.

26:221 Shall I tell you who Satan will descend upon? He will descend upon every lying, wicked person. They speak of what they hear, but most of them are liars. It is the poets that the erring follow. Do you see how they wander distractedly around every valley, and that they do not practice what they preach? But not so for the believers, who believe, do good works, and remember Allah often, and who defend themselves when unjustly treated. But those who treat them unjustly will find out what a terrible fate awaits them.


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