Reading the Koran. 16

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


One day while the Quraysh were in council one of the chiefs, Utba, decided to approach Mohammed and see if he could make a deal that would please everybody. Things were only getting worse about Mohammed and the others said to go and try. So he went to the Kabah and there was Mohammed. “Nephew, you have come to us with an important matter. But you have divided the community, ridiculed our customs, and insulted our forefathers. See if any of my suggestions can help in this matter. If you want money, we will give you money. If you want honor we will make you our king. If you are possessed we will get you a physician.”

Mohammed said that he represented the only Allah. His teachings were beautiful, and then he began to recite the glorious poetry and imagery of the Koran. The tribal chief was impressed with the beauty of Mohammed’s words and left.

When the tribal chief returned to the Quraysh, he said, “Leave him alone, his words are beautiful. If other Arabs kill him, your problem is solved. If he becomes sovereign over all, you will share in his glory. His power will become your power and you can make money off his success.” They replied that Mohammed had bewitched him.

Mohammed spoke beautiful words about Islam.

23:49 And We gave the Book to Moses so that they might be guided.

23:50 And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign, and We gave them a lofty abode for shelter, quiet and well provided with meadows and springs.

23:51 Oh messengers! Eat the things that are good, and do the right thing. I am aware of what you do. And truly your religion is the one religion, and I am your Lord, so fear and obey Me. But mankind has broken religion into sects, each rejoicing at that which they have retained. So leave them in their confusion and ignorance for a while.

23:55 Do they think that because We have given them an abundance of wealth and sons that We would rush to them with every blessing? No, they do not understand. But those who live in awe for fear of their Lord; and who believe in their Lord’s signs; and who accept no other gods with their Lord; and who give charitably with fear in their hearts because they know they will return to their Lord—these will rush for the good things, and they will be the first to attain them.

23:62 We do not place upon any soul a burden that is beyond its ability, and We possess a record which speaks the truth. They will never be wronged.

27:89 Those who do good deeds will be rewarded beyond their due. They will be safe from terror that day. And if any do evil, they will be thrown face down into the Fire. Should your reward not reflect your actions?

27:91 Say: I am commanded only to worship the Lord of this land who has made it sacred, and to whom all things belong. I am commanded to be a Muslim, one who has surrendered to Allah, and to recite the Koran. If anyone does good things, they do so only for the good of their souls, and if any go astray, say: I am only here to warn.

27:93 And say: Praise be to Allah who will soon show you His signs so that you shall know them. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.


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