Reading the Koran. 15

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


The next day many of the Quraysh were at the Kabah when Mohammed arrived. They crowded around him and said, “Are you the one who condemned our gods and our religion?” Mohammed answered that he was the one. One of them grabbed him and Abu Bakr, Mohammed’s chief follower, pressed forward and said, “Would you kill a man for saying that Allah is his Lord?” They let him go. This was worst treatment that Mohammed received in Mecca.

But Mohammed was not afraid. He was on a divine mission.

21:107 We have sent you only to be a mercy for all people. Say: It has been revealed to me that Allah is the only god. Will you submit to Him? If they turn their backs, then say, “I have truthfully warned you alike. I do not know if Judgment Day will come sooner or later. Allah knows what is said openly and what you hide. I only know that you will be tried and that you may enjoy yourself for awhile.” Say: My Lord judges with truth. Our Lord is the beneficent Allah Whose help is sought against lies you ascribe to Him.

He continued to speak of Allah and the Koran. Many times in the Koran we find self-proofs of the validity of the Koran and the proof of Allah.

26:1 TA. SIN. MIN. These are the verses of the Book that make things clear.

26:3 You may torment yourself [Mohammed] if they do not believe. If We wanted, We could send them a sign from the sky that would force them to humbly bow their heads, but every new warning they receive from Allah is ignored. They have rejected the message, but they will learn the truth of what they mocked! Do they not see the earth and how much of so many noble things We have made there? Truly, there is a sign there, but most do not believe. And surely, your Lord, He is the mighty, the merciful.

67:6 The torment of Hell waits for those who do not believe in their Lord, and the journey there is terrible! When they are thrown in, they will hear the Fire roaring as it boils. It will almost burst with fury. Every time another group is thrown in, its keepers will ask them, “Did someone not warn you?”

67:9 They will say. Yes. Someone came to warn us, but we rejected him and said, ‘Allah has revealed nothing to us. You are deluded.”’

67:10 They will say, “If we had listened or understood, we would not have been among the prisoners of the Fire.” They will acknowledge their sins, but mercy is far away from the prisoners of the Fire.

67:12 However, forgiveness and a great reward waits for those who secretly fear their Lord. Whether you speak openly or secretly, He knows everything in your heart. Should He not know His creations? He is the subtle, the aware. He smoothed the earth for you, so walk its paths and eat the food He provides. Everything will return to Him after death.

67:16 Are you confident that Allah in heaven will not open the earth and swallow you in an earthquake? Are you sure that Allah in heaven will not send a hurricane against you? You will understand My warning then! It is true that your ancestors rejected their prophets. Was not My wrath terrible?

67:19 Do they not see the birds above, spreading and folding their wings? Only merciful Allah could keep them aloft. He watches over everything.

67:20 Who could help you like an army except merciful Allah? The unbelievers are totally deluded. Who would provide for you if He withheld His provisions? Still, they continue to be proud and reject Him. Is the person groveling along on his face better than those who walk upright on a straight path?

67:23 Say: He created you and gave you the gifts of sight, hearing, and feeling. Still, few are grateful. Say: He has sown you in the ground, and He will gather you. And they say, “If you are telling the truth, when will this promise be fulfilled?”

67:26 Say: Only Allah has knowledge of the time. I am only sent to publicly warn. But when they see it approach, the faces of the unbelievers will grieve. It will be said, “This is what you have been predicting.” Say: What do you think? Whether Allah destroys me and my followers, or grants us mercy, who will protect the unbelievers from a terrible punishment? Say: He is the merciful. We believe in Him and trust Him, and you will learn later who is clearly in error. Say: What do you think? If all water sank into the earth, who would bring you clear running water?

67:1 Blessed is He whose hands hold the kingdom and has power over all things; Who created life and death to determine who conducts themselves best; and He is the mighty, the forgiving! He created and raised seven heavens, one above the other. You cannot see one defect in merciful Allah’s creation. Do you see a crack in the sky? Look again and again. Your vision will blur from looking, but you will find no defects.


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