Reading the Koran. 13

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.


The native religions that had been practiced for time out of mind were all false and condemned in every way.

37:11 Ask the Meccans whether they or the angels are the stronger creation? We created men from clay.

37:12 Truly you [Mohammed] are amazed when they mock. When they [the Meccans] are warned, they pay no attention. When they see a sign, they begin to mock and say, “This is obviously magic. What? Will we be resurrected after we are nothing but dust and bones? And what about our ancestors?”

37:18 Tell them, “Yes! And you will be disgraced.” There will be a single cry, and they will look around and say, “Oh, woe to us!” This is the day of reckoning. This is the Judgment Day that you said was a lie.

37:22 Gather together the unjust, their consorts [the demons], and the false gods they worshiped besides Allah and point them down the road to Hell. Stop them because they must be questioned. “What is wrong with you that you do not help each other?”

37:26 But on this day, they will submit to Allah and blame one another. They will say, “You [the demons] used to come to us from the right-hand side [the side of a good omen].” But they [the demons] will answer, “No, it was you who did not believe. We had no power over you. No, you were a wicked people. Our Lord’s sentence has been passed upon us, and we will surely taste our punishment. We misled you because we were lost.” Therefore, they will be partners in punishment that day.

37:34 Truly, that is how We deal with the guilty, because when they were told that there is no god but Allah, they swelled with pride and said, “Should we abandon our gods for a crazy poet?”

37:37 No! He [Mohammed] comes truthfully and confirms the prophets of old. You will surely taste the painful punishment, and you will be punished for what you have done, all except the sincere servants of Allah! They will have a fixed banquet of fruits; and they will be honored in the Garden of delight, facing one another on couches. A cup filled from a gushing spring will be passed among them, crystal clear and delicious to those who drink. It causes neither pain nor intoxication. And with them are companions [houris] with large eyes and modest glances, fair like a sheltered egg. They will ask one another questions. One of them will say, “I had a close friend who said, ‘Are you one of those who accept the truth? What? When we have died, and become dust and bones, will we really be judged?’”

37:54 He will say to those around him, “Will you look?” Looking down, he saw his friend in the depths of Hell. And he will say to him, “By Allah, you almost destroyed me. Except for my Lord’s favor, I surely would have been one of those who came with you into torment.”

37:58 “Is it not true that we will not die,” say the blessed, “except for our first death and that we have escaped the torment?” Certainly this is the supreme achievement! For something like this, a striver should strive!

37:62 Is this a better feast than the Zaqqum tree [the tree of Hell]? We have certainly made the tree to torment the wicked. It grows at the bottom of Hell. Its fruit is like the heads of vipers. The damned will certainly eat it until their bellies fill. Then they will drink a mixture of boiling water. Then they will return to the Fire.

37:69 The damned knew that the religion of their fathers was wrong, but they still followed the old religion. Even before them, most of the ancients erred, though We had sent messengers to warn them. See what happened to these warned ones except for Allah’s true servants?

21:92 Truly, this religion of yours is the only religion, and I am your Lord, so worship Me. But they have broken their religion [Christianity] into sects, and yet they will all return to Us. Whoever does good things and believes will not have his efforts denied. We will record everything.

21:95 There is a ban on those cities We have destroyed. They will not return until Gog and Magog [barbarians who figure in the Final Days] are let loose and they hurry from every hillside and the true promise draws near. Then the unbelievers will stare in horror and say, “Oh no! We lived in ignorance. No, we were unjust.”

21:98 Surely you and those you worship besides Allah are nothing but fuel for Hell. You will be sent there. If these were gods, they would not be sent down into it, but all of them will live there forever. There they will do nothing but weep, and that will be the only thing that they hear.

21:101 But those for whom We have ordained, good things will be far away. They will not hear the slightest sound from Hell as they live according to their soul’s desire. The great Terror [Judgment Day] will cause them no grief. Instead, the angels will greet them every day by saying, “This is your day, the day that you were promised, the day when We roll the heavens up like a scroll. Just as We made the first creation, so We will reproduce it. This is a promise We are bound to. Truly it is something We will fulfill. After the message was given to Our servants We wrote in the Psalms, My righteous servants will inherit the earth.” Surely there is a message here for those who worship Allah.


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