Reading the Koran. 11

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 3 THE FAIR (continued)

Mohammed delivered a message from Allah about Al Walid, the leader of the unbelievers. Indeed, many of the rich and powerful, who resisted Mohammed, earned their place in the Koran. The Koran gives such precise details and direct quotes of their arguments that if you were a Meccan of that day, you would know exactly who the person was.

96:6 No, man is certainly stubborn. He sees himself as wealthy. Certainly, all things return to your Lord.

96:9 What do you think of a man [Abu Jahl] who holds back a servant of Allah [Mohammed] when he prays? Do you think that he is on the right path, or practices piety? Do you think that he treats the truth as a lie and turns his back? Does he not know that Allah sees everything?

96:15 No! Certainly if he does not stop, We will grab him by the forelock [cutting off or holding by the forelock was a shame in Arabic culture], the lying, sinful forelock! Let him call his comrades [the other Meccans]. We will call the guards of Hell. No, do not obey him, rather, adore and get closer to Allah.

74:11 Let Me deal with My creations, whom I have given great riches and sons to sit by their side, and whose lives I have made smooth and comfortable. And still he [Al Walid] wants me to give him more. No, I say. He is an enemy of Our revelations. I will impose a dreadful punishment on him because he plotted and planned.

74:19 Damn him! How he planned. Again, Damn him! How he planned.

74:21 Then he looked around and frowned and scowled and turned his back with vain pride and said, “This is nothing but old magic; it is the work of a mere mortal.”

74:26 We will certainly throw him into Hell.

74:27 What will make you realize what Hell is? It leaves nothing, and it spares nothing. It chars the skin.

74:30 Nineteen angels oversee it. The angels are the only guardians of Hell, and We have set their number to confuse the unbelievers and to give the believers certain knowledge of the truth of the Koran so the believers will increase their faith. So the believers and the others who have received the Scriptures have no doubts. The weak of heart and the unbelievers will ask, “What does Allah mean by this parable?”

74:34 This is how Allah confuses whom He will and how He guides whom He chooses: no one knows the armies of your Lord except Allah himself. This is nothing but a warning to men.

74:35 No, by the moon and by the night as it retreats and by the dawn as it breaks, Hell is one of the most dreadful woes filled with warning to men, to any who choose to go forward [believers] or to any who choose to stay behind [unbelievers].

74:41 Every soul is pledged for its own deeds except those that stand on Allah’s right hand. In their gardens they will ask the wicked: “What has brought you to Hell?”

74:44 They will say, “We did not pray, we did not feed the hungry, we argued with the small-minded, and we denied the Judgment Day until our dying day.”

74:49 No mediation or intercession will help them. What is wrong with them that they reject Our warning like a frightened donkey fleeing a lion? Each of them wants to have everything spelled out, but that cannot be. They do not fear the hereafter.

74:54 No! The Koran is warning enough. Anyone who chooses shall be warned. Only if Allah pleases will the people be warned. He is to be feared and often forgiving.

111:1 Let the hands of Abu Lahab [Mohammed’s uncle and an opponent] die and let him die! His wealth and attainments will not help him. He will be burned in Hell, and his wife will carry the firewood, with a palm fiber rope around her neck.

The plan of hurting Mohammed by warning the visitors made everyone more curious. When they heard Mohammed’s soaring words from the Koran many visitors were impressed. When they left they took all the stories from Mecca, the Quraysh, the new Muslims and then, of course, Mohammed. Soon all of that part of Arabia was talking.

In what would be very fortuitous for Mohammed, the Arabs of Medina were attracted to Mohammed’s message. Since half of their town were Jews, the Arabs of Medina were used to the talk of only one god.


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