Reading the Koran. 9

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 3 (continued)

The Meccans said that there was no Day of Doom. The Koran:

83:1 Woe to the cheaters who always demand full measure from others, but skimp when they measure out or weigh to others. What! Do they believe that they will not be resurrected on the great day when all men will stand before the Lord of the worlds? Yes! The register [a record of actions] of the wicked is in Sidjin [a place in Hell where the sinners’ records are kept]. And who will make you understand what Sidjin is? It is a complete record.

83:10 Woe on that day to those who deny Our signs, who regard the Judgment Day as a lie! No one regards it as a lie except the transgressor or the criminal, who, when Our signs are recited to him, says, “Old wives tales!” No! Their habits have become like rust on their hearts. Yes, they will be veiled from their Lord’s light that day. Then they will be burned in Hell. They will be told, “This is what you called a lie.”

83:18 No! But the register of the righteous is in Illiyoun [a place in Paradise where the actions of the righteous are recorded]. And who will make you understand what Illiyoun is? It is a complete record, attested to by the angels nearest Allah.

83:22 Surely, the righteous will live among delights! Seated on bridal couches they will gaze around. You will see the delight in their faces. Fine wines, sealed with musk, will be given them to drink. For those who have aspirations, aspire for wine mixed with the waters of Tasnim, a fountain where those close to Allah drink.

83:29 Sinners used to jeer at the believers and wink at one another when one passed by, and they jested as they returned to their own people. When they see believers, they say, “Those people have gone astray.” And yet they were not sent to be the guardians of those people.

83:34 On that day the faithful will mock the unbelievers, while they sit on bridal couches and watch them. Should not the unbelievers be paid back for what they did?

Not only were the present day Meccans going to Hell if they did not follow Mohammed, history was full of those who were doomed to Hell for ignoring the message of Allah.

69:1 The Inevitable! Who will make you understand what the Inevitable is?

69:3 The people of Thamud and Ad [Ad lay on an old trade route north of Mecca. It was abandoned in Mohammed’s day] regarded the Judgment Day as a lie. The people of Thamud were destroyed by crashing thunderbolts. The people of Ad were destroyed by a roaring blast of wind. The wind did Allah’s bidding against them for a full week. During that time you could have seen the people laid low, as if they had been the trunks of hollow palms. Could you have seen any of them surviving?

69:9 Pharaoh, too, and those who thrived before him, and the overthrown cities, all committed sin, and disobeyed the messenger sent by their Lord. That is why He punished them with an accumulated punishment.

69:11 When the flood rose high, We carried you in the ark so We could use that event to warn you and so the hearing ear might hear it. But when one blast is sounded on the trumpet, and the earth and the mountains are shaken, and both are simultaneously crushed into powder, on that day the woe that must come suddenly will come, and the sky will be split in two, because it will be fragile that day. The angels will align on the edges of the sky and over them. Eight will carry up the throne of your Lord.

69:18 On that day you will be brought before Him and none of your secrets will remain secret. Those who receive their book in their right hand will say to their friends, “Take my book and read it. I always knew that I would come to my reckoning.” And he will have a life of bliss, in a lofty Garden, with clusters of fruit nearby. Eat and drink with satisfaction. This is the reward for the good acts that you performed in the past.

69:25 But those who receive their book with their left hand will say, “Oh, I wish that I were never given my book and that I had never heard of my reckoning! I wish that death had been the end of me! My wealth has done me no good! My power has fled from me!”

69:30 Take him, and chain him, and cast him into Hell. Then fasten him to a seventy-yard chain, because he did not believe in Allah, the Greatest, and did not help to feed the poor. He will have no friends here that day, no food, only the pus that runs from sores, which only the sinners eat.

69:38 I do not need to swear by what you see and by that which you do not see – that this is surely the word of an honored messenger! It is not the word of a poet—you have so little faith! It is also not the word of a soothsayer – you heed little of Our warning! It is a message from the Lord of the worlds.

69:44 If he [Mohammed] had invented any of Our revelations, We would have grabbed him by the right hand, and cut his throat, and We would not have protected him from any of you.

69:48 But, surely, the Koran is a warning for the Allah-fearing. We know many think it is a lie. But it will cause grief for the unbelievers, because it is the absolute truth.

69:52 Praise the name of your Lord, the Greatest.

The Muslims went to the edge of Mecca to pray in order to be alone. One day a group of the Quraysh came upon them and began to mock them and a fight started. Saad, a Muslim, picked up the jaw bone of a camel and struck one of the Quraysh with it and bloodied him. This violence was the first blood to be shed in Islam.

When Mohammed spoke about his new religion, it did not cause any problems among the Meccans. Then Mohammed began to condemn their religion and rituals and worship. This was a new phenomena. New religions could be added and had been, but not to the detriment to others.

The Meccans took offense and resolved to treat him as an enemy. Luckily, he had the protection of his influential uncle, Abu Talib.

Some of the Quraysh went to Abu Talib, Mohammed’s tribal protector, and said to him, “Your nephew has cursed our gods, insulted our religion, mocked our way of life, criticized our civilization, attacked our virtues, and said that our forefathers were ignorant and in error. You must stop him, or you must let us stop him. We will rid you of him.” Abu Talib gave them a soft reply and sent them away.

The Quraysh saw that Abu Talib would not help. Mohammed continued to preach Islam and attack them and their lives. Mecca was a small town, everybody knew everybody. Islam had split the town of Mecca and divided the ruling and priestly tribe. The Quraysh were attacked at the very ground of their social being.

Things got much worse. Now there was open hostility in the town. Quarrels increased, arguments got very heated. Complete disharmony dominated the town. The tribe started to abuse the recently converted Muslims. But Mohammed’s uncle Abu Talib was a respected elder and was able to protect them from real harm.


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