Reading the Koran. 8

This is another excerpt from Bill Warner’s book Abridged Koran where the verses of Koran are arranged in their chronological order and provided with facts from prophet Muhammad’s life, giving context for them.

CHAPTER 3 (continued)

Mohammed’s task in Mecca was difficult.

52:29 Therefore, continue to warn men. By the grace of your Lord, you are neither insane, nor a soothsayer.

52:30 Will people say, “He is a poet! Let us wait until his fortunes turn.”? Say: “Wait,” because truthfully, I will wait with you.

52:32 Is it their dreams that cause them to do this? Or is it because they are a perverse people? Will they say, “He has written it [the Koran] himself?” No! It is because they did not believe. If that is true, let them write a book like it.

52:35 Were they created from nothing? Did they create themselves? Did they create the heavens and the earth? No! It is because they have no faith. Do they possess your Lord’s treasures? Do they have absolute power? Can they communicate with the angels? If so, let them bring proof.

52:39 Does Allah have daughters while you have sons? Do you ask them for a payment so that they are weighed down with debt? Do they have secret knowledge that they can write down? Do they try to set traps for you? The unbelievers are the ones that are ensnared. Do they have any gods besides Allah? Glory be to Allah above the false gods they join with Him. If they saw a piece of the sky falling, they would say, “It is only a dense cloud.”

52:45 Ignore them until they meet the day when they will swoon with terror — a day when their tricks will avail them nothing and no help will come their way. Truly, there is another punishment for the evildoers, but most of them do not know it.

52:48 Wait patiently for your Lord’s Judgment, because you are in Our eye. Sing Allah’s praises when you rise up, and give Him praise at night and when the stars are setting.

The Koran contains encouragement for Mohammed:

94:1 Did We not open your heart for you [Mohammed] and relieve you of the burden that hurt your back? And did We not improve your reputation? So, certainly, with every hardship there is relief. Certainly, with every hardship there is relief.

94:7 When you are through with prayers, you should continue to work. Do everything you can to please your Lord.

Mohammed spent a great deal of time arguing with the Meccans and telling them that they were doomed to Hell if they rejected him and his message.

84:1 When the sky is split in half and obeys its Lord, as it must; when the earth is flattened, and has cast out everything it contains and is empty [the graves deliver the dead], and obeys its Lord, as it must; then certainly those who want to meet their Lord will meet Him.

84:7 He who receives his book [of life’s deeds] in his right hand [saved in Paradise], his account will be taken by a quick and easy reckoning and he will return joyously to his people. But those who receive their book behind their backs [damned to Hell] will invite destruction. They will burn in the Fire. They lived joyously among their people because they did not believe that they would return to Allah, but their Lord is always watching them.

84:16 So I do not need to swear by the glow of sunset, and by the night and everything it conceals, and by the moon at its fullest. You will certainly travel from stage to stage.

84:20 What is wrong with those who do not believe? When the Koran is read to them, why do they refuse to bow down? The unbelievers call it a lie.

84:23 But Allah knows their secrets, so announce to them a painful punishment. Those who believe and do good deeds, they will have a reward that never ends.


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