What Is Your Opinion On Burkini Ban?


Here is an interesting article on the topic: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/burkinis-heres-why-we-should-fight-them-on-the-beaches/

It’s much more comfortable for outraged liberals to attack their own culture for trying, however clumsily, to protect its values than it is to address the vexed question of what you do about a fanatical religious minority which despises our freedoms. As one scathing wit put it on Twitter: “This burkini ban is ridiculous. It’s 2016 and we live in a liberal, tolerant society. People should be free to enslave whomever they choose.”

After a murderous summer, in which toddlers were mown down by a truck in Nice and an 85-year-old priest had his throat cut before his own altar, France is setting out what a modern, equal society can and cannot tolerate. She deserves our sympathy. Socialist prime minister Manuel Valls is surely right to call the burkini “a symbol of the enslavement of women”. If it isn’t, then why aren’t Muslim men wearing them, eh?

In my opinion, it is an exaggeration to say that people are totally free in their choice of clothes. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think in many western countries, if you appear in the street totally naked (which is also a choice about clothes) you’ll be arrested. This reflects what the majority of people find acceptable and unacceptable, and it is imposed by the relevant legislation. These rules are conventional, they root from Judeo-Christian values. There were, and still are other cultures where nudity is acceptable, sadhus in India, for example. So it is a reality that like with most things in a democratic society, the majority imposes restrictions which represent their values.

But generally this burkini issue would not be an issue at all if there was an honest dialogue in the West about Islam and its values.


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