9/12, Another Day In Information Warfare

I was thinking over what to post today in relation to 9/11, and whether to do it at all, when I came across this link: http://departed.co/barackobama-deserved-911-didnt-respect-islam-not-repeat-mistake
This quote of Barack Obama is an obvious fake, which takes less than 5 minutes to find out. However about half of the commenters on this page rushed to express their indignation and opinions not having taken the trouble to check the source (I am happy about the other half who took the job and informed others about the results.
But what worries me most is where I found that link. It was at Bill Warner’s page on Facebook , reposted from another Facebook page named Stop Islam Now.

I’ve read many books of Dr. Warner on Political Islam and mainly share his views on it. I strongly doubt he would make such a silly mistake, he works with information very thoroughly, so most probably he has no time to run his Facebook page himself. However this repost appeared under his name (and hang on Facebook for an hour before it was removed), which means someone from his team was so hasty to post something putting current US president in bad light that he missed a step which should be as natural as brushing one’s teeth – checking the facts before publishing them. And obviously instead of the intended result this undermines credibility of the author. Or is disinformation considered a normal tool in today’s information warfare?

I wouldn’t like to live under Sharia, nor do I wish it to future generations. This is why I run this channel, informing people about the danger of Political Islam. However I wouldn’t like to live in the world where the threat of theocracy was overcome at the cost of using methods which contradict to the values we are defending.

What about you? Have you ever reposted unchecked information? Which methods of defending the cause which you consider good are allowed, in your opinion, and which are totally unacceptable?


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