What Do We Want?

I mean, what do we want from Islam, and what does Islam want from us?

From the moment Islam appeared, it has been expanding and strengthening through conquests and violence. This continued until XIX century, when the Islamic world became inferior to Europe in terms of weapons and technology. After that for a century the western culture dominated in the whole world, and we got the illusion that everyone is eager to follow our example.

In my opinion, we have to acknowledge that the experiment with integration of Islamic culture into the western world failed, and divorce peacefully. Islam’s values are not compatible with secular humanistic values. Followers of Islam will never be happy in the western world, where everything is so alien to them, unless they turn it into a replica of the Middle East.


The reason for placing this picture, except that it is quite beautiful, is the fact that on the right, behind the green forested foreland, there is a nudist beach. Unfortunately, we can’t see it:)

I think this nudist beach is a model of our western society. People are free to do whatever they like unless it harms others. Free to wear what they like or not wear anything at all. Free to pray to whatever god, if they want to. Free to have a beer. Free to communicate, exchange ideas and opinions. And all of this is impossible in the world ruled by Sharia.

So my idea is sending all illegal immigrants back where they came from and helping the needy where they are, which is 10 times cheaper by the way, so that they could build their lives according to their principles and not feel inferior; giving citizenship or permanent residence only in case people are really able to assimilate (I use the word assimilate, not integrate, because the idea of integration didn’t work). And the first step to achieving this aim is spreading true information about the nature of Islam.

And what is your opinion? What do you want from Islam? And I wonder if any of Muslims reading this post are sincere enough to acknowledge they want to establish Sharia all over the world because they think it to be the best system for all people.


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